Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An Apology to My Craft

I knew you were disappointed in me, as was I.  I could tell you that life got busy, that new things came up.  I could tell you, and it's true, that I still thought about you.  A lot.  But that will sound like an excuse, because it is.  And if that isn't valid, I'm left without reason.  
Yes, I was avoiding you.  I didn't want to face my failure.  I'm sorry.  
Life is going better, though!  You get to be involved in another part of my life, something that might go somewhere!  That doesn't justify leaving you behind in the truly important capacity, though.  My stories have been lonely and my poetry, silent.  
I'm sorry.  
I will try to do better and I will do my utmost not to avoid you again.  I cannot promise, for promises are too easy to break and too hard to forgive.  But I can try.  
If you will take me back, I am ready to start again.

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